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We are also available for custom designs and art commissions. 

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Dinner with You is a Pleasure.

Meet Blu. Confident, bold, and always unapologetically herself.


Inspired by a creative energy, she decided to throw a soirée for her dearest friends, and she wanted to create an experience that would truly capture her unique spirit.


Blu searched high and low for the perfect homeware, but nothing seemed to match her vision.


That's when she decided to take matters into her own hands and design her own collection.


Blu dreamed that her design objects would capture the eye and spark conversation. And inspire connection and intimacy among those who gather around the table.


So Blu poured her heart and soul into creating the perfect set of plates, with the incredible help of Italian artisans.


When her friends arrived for her dinner, they were blown away by the energy of the room. As they sat down to eat, they couldn't help but feel a bond with one another.




Having dinner with the people we love is truly a pleasure. There is no greater joy than sharing our wildest dreams with those closest to the heart.


You can now experience the same sense of magic too.


Would you like to have dinner with us? 

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